The Story of a One Way To Palo Alto

words and photos: Justin Sorensen | date: November 19, 2014

Recently I had the privilege of escorting a fantastic group of riders on a 100 mile journey beginning in San Francisco traveling through the hills of Woodside, Pescadero and Palo Alto.  Meeting early in the morning at Bespoke Cycles we hit the road with a shared passion of the road and adventure.

Bespoke Cycles oneway-1

oneway-2 Bespoke Cycles oneway-3The first leg of the trip took us from Golden Gate Park to The Great Highway and then Skyline Blvd.  All three of these roads are not exactly what one would call a cyclists dream being that we have to hug the shoulder and avoid a hefty amount of cars but we survived aside from a couple of flats.

Bespoke Cycles oneway-4 Bespoke Cycles oneway-5 Bespoke Cycles oneway-6 Bespoke Cycles oneway-7

The first significant climb of the day is Kings Mountain Rd right outside of Woodside, Ca.  This breathtaking road is exactly what we were searching for.  Its a narrow winding mountain road with smooth pavement and a lovely shade from towering Redwood trees.

Bespoke Cycles oneway-8 Bespoke Cycles oneway-9 Bespoke Cycles oneway-10 Bespoke Cycles oneway-11

The pictures above are taken from the bottom of Tunitas Creek road, a 14km descent that took us through multiple micro climates as we ended near the edge of the Pacific Ocean.  The honor cafe near the roads edge is a highlight for all cyclists.

Bespoke Cycles oneway-12 Bespoke Cycles oneway-13 Bespoke Cycles oneway-14 Bespoke Cycles oneway-15 Bespoke Cycles oneway-16 Bespoke Cycles oneway-17

The following 15 miles took us to the rarely traveled Stage rd where we were treated to open landscapes and rolling climbs delivering us into the ocean town of Pescadero.

Bespoke Cycles oneway-18 Bespoke Cycles oneway-19 Bespoke Cycles oneway-20 Bespoke Cycles oneway-21 Bespoke Cycles oneway-22 Bespoke Cycles oneway-23 Bespoke Cycles oneway-24 Bespoke Cycles oneway-25 Bespoke Cycles oneway-26 Bespoke Cycles oneway-27

Up next was the featured climb of day, West Alpine rd.  Already 75 miles into the day this epic ascent certainly challenged everyone’s determination to complete the day.  Despite this daunting task we had a lightness and excitement to not only finish the ride but to see what the mountain had in store for us.  When approached with respect we were greeted with a calm and peaceful journey to the top.  Exhaustion and joy were exuded by all once reaching the top.

Bespoke Cycles oneway-28 Bespoke Cycles oneway-29

Our final descent down Page Mill rd into Palo Alto found us coasting into town at the witching hour as the sun was setting and with it our epic journey.  When I finish a ride like this I can’t help but be overcome with a sense of accomplishment.  What was different about this was the group I took along and how “up for anything” there attitudes were.  We set out, tackled some of the Bay Areas most challenging roads, and finished with all smiles.   How did we get back to the city you ask?  By train of course!