Cyclocross 2015 Recap


For the majority of us the 2015-16 cyclocross season has come and gone.  If it wasn’t for my still aching and tired legs I’d probably be the first to say that Ive been missing it.  This was my first season racing as I had heard the hype for countless years proclaiming cross as the new best thing.  Determined to make an accurate judgement for myself, this past fall provided a fantastic intro to the sport.

11988437_1017262574981745_1563839255767429556_n    SuperPRo_OaklandCX-6

Without a doubt cyclocross contains the most fun I have ever had on a bike.  I find myself being reminded of childhood, gathering your friends together and going out riding.  Naturally, the terrain of these pre-adolescent group rides would encounter a bit of pavement, usually more dirt, and a handful of obstacles.  Sounds an awful lot like a cross race!  Perhaps this explains why so many cyclists have been gravitating towards this racing style.  Its highly competitive, a terrific workout, and filled with glorious moments of nostalgia.

SuperPRo_Vallejo-1-6     SacCX10-11_-1-2

As a shop, Bespoke Cycles knew it was an easy decision to engage the cycling community with these events.  We schlepped our tent out to nearly every local race, offered mechanical service, and prepared complimentary pour over coffee courtesy of our good friends at Intelligentsia.  In addition to this we supported the Ornot CX team lead and founded by Matt Quann.  Together the mood was festive always excited to be hanging out on a Saturday talking about and racing bikes.  Everyone takes it seriously to the point of having fun realizing that the real reason we are out in the elements is to build community.  We take the idea of family to heart and act accordingly with all that we choose to take part in.  As the season moved along, week in and week out, the same folks were showing up, it was then that we all began to realize that this was our fall family.

SuperPRo_OaklandCX-2     SuperPRo_Vallejo-3-2

The season is over yes, but now we have time to reflect.  Think about all those turns we could taken a bit cleaner, that last sprint we could have pushed a little harder and that final hand-up we could have extended even further to grab.  No matter how you look at it……#Crossiscoming!

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