Test Riding Bikes


How do we safely get from a pile of tubing to the perfect ride? There’s a lot that goes into and we let the builders do most of it but it all starts here at Bespoke. Aside from fit, we need to figure out what you like, what you need and we need to know how to communicate that. Test rides are part of the process.

The truth is, you really don’t have to test ride a custom bike before you buy one and there are those out there that might recommend you don’t. But if you can test ride, why not? In fact, we absolutely recommend you do. Here’s why.

Because you can and it’s fun!

Here’s another reason, we like to know as much about every cyclist we work with as possible. By taking you through our structured test ride process, we can actually learn things about you we may not be able to otherwise. Since we intimately know each bike in the store, we can take comments and feedback from you about those bikes and build upon everything we take into consideration when working through the design of your bike. When you test ride, we learn more together.

We’ve structured our test ride process to take into account what actually defines “ride character” such as Drivetrain Feel, Compliance, Vibration Damping and Handling. Tweaking one can often affect the other so it’s critical you know what you’re doing. We teach you how to test ride properly so you get the information you need even if the bike you’re riding isn’t precisely what you’ll end up with. We’ve even developed ways of helping you articulate what you feel on a test ride. For that matter, we want to know what other bikes you’ve owned, loved and hated. It’s all important.

The majority of our builders can “ride tune” your bike based on the type riding you do, your body weight, proportions and strengths and weaknesses as a cyclist. We feel it’s important that we’re not just building every bike the way we like it, we want them built the way you like it. After all that’s the point right?

If you know exactly what you want, that’s fine too. We don’t always have to do test rides but if you’ve got the time, and we’ve got the bikes, it’s actually a good excuse to throw a leg over the worlds finest. We’re right near the Presidio and we maintain a pretty broad pallet of everything our builders offer.

So come test ride a bike!

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