Bont Vaypor Plus Review

words by Trystan Cobbett My first really good pair of carbon soled road shoes were Adidas Eddy Merckx Anniversary they had an embroidered serial number on the side proclaiming them to be one of 1000 pairs made. Now long retired but still some of my favorite shoes of all time, the Adidas was the stiffest … More Bont Vaypor Plus Review

shoes, feet, and fit

One thing we’ve learned over the past decade of working with cyclist’s feet is that a “tighter” shoe is not the key to more power and efficiency. Tighter is often a recipe for circulation issues, hot spots, numbness, and in extreme cases, nerve and soft tissue injuries in the foot. Some of us got used … More shoes, feet, and fit

Q and A with the Authors of Wheelmen

When :  Wednesday Nov 12 6pm Where:  Bespoke Cycles,  2843 Clay St, SF CA Join us for an engaging evening with authors Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O’Connell from the critically acclaimed book Wheelmen. They will spend the evening discussing the story behind Lance Armstrong referencing over three years of extensive reporting, deep sourcing, and interviews … More Q and A with the Authors of Wheelmen

Something to Think About During the Off-Season

Something to Think About During the Off-season!  The risk of injury is an ever-present aspect of triathlon training and racing, but almost every great performance follows a long period of relatively uninterrupted training. Though many athletes believe either that an injury is just a normal part of training or an unfortunate random event, the frequency … More Something to Think About During the Off-Season